who is who in the zoo                 


It is tough sorting through the 20 candidates for Watts Ward. I found it so when I choose my preferences for Watts.

Some points I considered:

Live in the Ward

From my count only 10 of us live in the Watts Ward. Not an issue really if your heart is in it, and you have good head on the shoulders.


Some people have had experience in Council. So if I cannot have the pleasure of being your representative, I hope you choose an experienced candidate.

Returned My Call

I did do my best to contact the other candidates to try and understand what they are about. You should try before you cast your vote. ( With 20 candidates and nearly 20,000 voters in Watts Ward I want Telstra shares.)

From the conversation I tried to see if there was substance or just another dummy candidate for someone serious.  I did find that some groupings have great gripes with our Council, great gripes that extend to the courts. Battles over the payments of rates and the zonings. The claims of “Independent” abound, most of these strident independent claims come from a grouping that really are interdependent as they support each other with preferences, flyers, supporters and campaign launches.

Others are just wishing to serve and have that itch to do so, some it is in the family, and some are also very positive, glass half full people like myself.

Have fun with your preferences, it is important, give your top 5 a call to check them out.

My preferences are with the mail out you got from the VEC. It is a difficult job to sort through, and as I have learnt more over the past three weeks, I would change mine.



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