Brad standing In the ward of Watts


A genuine candidate

I am pleased to announce I am running for council in the Ward of Watts, within which I reside.

I declare I am proud to be a member of the Australian Labor Party(ALP). I encourage all people to get engaged and participate in our democracy, join a party, be an independent, have your say in our future. Please note I am not endorsed or supported by the ALP, I am running independent of the ALP.

I have not funded or am I running any other ‘dummy’ candidates in the ballot with the sole aim of confusing voters and funnelling preferences.

I make this statement to reassure the voters of the Watts Ward (Toolern Vale, Diggers Rest, Hillside, Plumpton and Taylors Hill) in the City of Melton, that I am a genuine candidate, running with the utmost integrity, wishing to serve you.

Dummy Candidates

Running “dummy candidates” is when one candidate organises other candidates to run for the same Ward, with the sole purpose of maximising that first candidate’s votes. These dummy candidates often have no articulated policies for the election and generally are not seeking to be elected. Their relationship with the ‘primary’ candidate is hidden from the voters.


Authorised: Brad MacPherson 134 Ryans lane, Toolern Vale. Victoria 3337 Australia

0411 533 859 |

Committed to representing you with integrity in Melton City Council, Vote 1 Brad MacPherson this October