Melton Shire Rate Freeze


Brad macpherson

Rating Increases

The current Council budget for 2012/13 has a average rate increase of 4.5 %. At a time when consumer price index is looking like being under 2% this year(Ref Australia Bureau of Statistics July 2012).

The council needs to ease the rate burden. As we all struggle with the tougher economic times, I propose a two year rate freeze.  Melton City Council has the opportunity to manage financially through wise spending and delaying some expenditure.

In Council, I will lobby with fellow councillors and our members of Parliament to make sure the State and Federal Governments provide the appropriate funding that the region deserves. Much of the spending that is required, that would make great differences for our community are the responsibilities of State and Federal Governments.

  1. *Off Ramp at Ferris Rd.

  2. *Upgrade of Melton Railway Station.

  3. *Railway station at Caroline Springs.

  4. *Entrance to Caroline Springs at Christies Rd.

  5. *General improvement of access to health services in Melton and Hospital.

  6. *Duplication of Melton Highway.

  7. *Turning Melton Victorian University Campus into a great learning facility for the region.

Despite freezing rates I believe we can still deliver services and great community outcomes for the City of Melton.

The nasty bite in the tail of the latest rate rise is the attempted splitting of the community. That is driving a wedge between those in the rural areas (including the urban growth boundary zone) vs those in the urban regions of the Shire.  It is shameful of the Council to imply that those in the urban zone subside the rural land holders.  Rural landholders, within the City of Melton, pay their fair share of rates, and spend a lot of their time caring for their special part of the region. That being the control of weeds and maintenance of an natural environment at the behest of the rest of the community.

The City of Melton needs to take great care as they increase the rates and pressure on those in the growth boundary, bullying people just to get land quickly into development is a very ugly look.  If elected to council I would encouraging fellow councillors to revisit how we manage the transition from primarily undeveloped land to new suburbs.

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