I am a resident in the northern end of the Shire, Toolern Vale. I have lived here for 12 years with my wife Sally. We have built our own home and are raising our young family. I work as an aerospace engineer, designer and part-time farmer. I hope residents of the Watts Ward in the City of Melton consider me for council this October.

The City of Melton is a wonderful place to live and bring up a family. Melbourne is close, but not too close. I in particular love the rural aspects of the area, and how this allows also our suburban residents to have space for recreation.  Many of us in the City of Melton work closer in to the City of Melbourne, and it is always a pleasure to come home to our peaceful area.

My Vision for City of Melton

I view the great growth as a once in a life time opportunity for us all in regards to:

  1. -local employment, opportunities for our youth,

  2. -infrastructure renewal,

  3. -new business,

  4. -existing businesses to grow,

  5. -critical mass for better health services, such as a Hospital,

  6. -maintain the ability of being able to step easily from the suburb into beautiful rural/natural environment, enjoying the parks, vineyards, agricultural tourism and bush that is on your doorstep.

The growth before us, has to managed and directed for the benefit of us all. This growth does put pressure on Council, developers(big and small), State and Federal Government to keep planning and providing the essential infrastructure funding.

The growth and development must enhance existing communities and create strong new communities. Essential for our communities are the sporting fields, club houses, community centres, fire stations, public transport and good roads. Services and infrastructure must rollout with new housing developments.

The rural and natural character of the region also needs to be kept and built upon.  Connecting our villages and town centres with walking and riding tracks along roadsides and creek lines as they are obtained through developer contributions. The environmental improvements along Toolern Creek through Melton, Melton South and to Melton Reservoir are great examples of how areas can have their natural beauty enhanced, providing benefit to both the community and the natural environment.

The City of Melton is a place for strong communities and families. Together we can build on our strengths and shape the growth to best serve the residents and the futures of our children.

I will listen to the community, work in cooperation with your other Councillors, Council Staff and approach the task with a positive, can do attitude.

If you have ideas about making Melton Shire a better place or would like to help, please contact me.




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Authorised: Brad MacPherson 134 Ryans lane, Toolern Vale. Victoria 3337 Australia

0411 533 859 | brad@bradmacpherson.com

Committed to representing you with integrity in Melton City Council, Vote 1 Brad MacPherson this October