Councillors vow to forgo allowances

stunt in place of policies

I was asked by The Leader if I would donate, if I had the privilege of your support, my council allowance to charity or back to council. The Leader is aware of a candidate who is promising to donate their allowance to charities for the first year.

I have attended some candidate launches and yes, promises to forgo their salaries have been made.  My whole aim in setting up my website and getting about has been to let you as a voter get a chance to know me. The only way I know how to do this is to be honest, my response is below. If you really do believe that councillors are of no value, then you need to write to the State Government and ask for abolition of Councils or reinstatement of Commissioners.

Hi Ami,

It is more than one, I think it is up to 3 at present. It is just a silly stunt. In the "old days" the upper house of state politics used to be a volunteer basis for NSW. This greatly reinforced the idle rich being the ruling class.  Making all the decisions for those who could not afford to go without an allowance or salary, especially if it meant not putting food on the table for children.

It is an allowance, not a salary.  The councillors are not employees of the council and are not entitled to  range of employee benefits, leave entitlements and salary.

The time commitments are on average 15 to 25 hours a week(reference Municipal association of Victoria).

If I was given the privilege of serving the community I would proudly take the allowance, as I provide my time and skills, an understanding community will demand effort and value their councillors efforts.

Otherwise, I would be the fool telling my children and wife I disappeared for 4 years to serve a community that didn't even value the effort and sacrifice. Enough with the silly stunts that debase our efforts to serve our community and Australian values of "fair day pay for a fair days work".  I would rather commissioners than a bunch of monkeys eating peanuts.

What is behind the "I am so good I will donate my first 12 months allowance to charities" is a lack of policies.


    *ensuring that the growth benefits the community.

    *the services and infrastructure are rolled out with the growing communities.

    *commitment to working with other councillors and other levels of government to ensure progress of railway stations, safe access onto and off road networks.

    *connecting communities with safe bicycle and footpaths.

    *continue the development of our recreational and community facilities.


Brad MacPherson

Serious Candidate who values what he can provide.

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